About Ike

Come for the cancer – stay for the occasional humor and even-rarer pithy observations about the human condition. #WorldsWorstHashtag

Ike Pigott is a veteran communicator who got out of television news and back into life. Now working for Alabama Power, he specializes in corporate communications, but has interests that are all over the place.

Ike worked for 16 years in broadcast news, winning several awards (including an Emmy) for his writing and reporting. While in television, he started his crisis communication training consultancy, Positive Position.

He later worked for the American Red Cross, where he created the first disaster news blogs and the Red Cross Twitter account. As the Director of Communications and Government Relations for a five-state region, he served as an in-house crisis counsel for chapters and units.

He now works for Alabama Power, where he is involved in media relations, brand publishing, and streamlining the process of communications for crisis and blue sky days.